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Campus Students

Campus Life — Be supported by real friends at our University student Clubs. Adventist Students on Campus (ASOC) Club at the University of Melbourne and Monash University. Australian Christian Fellowship at Victoria University and Advent Health Club at Latrobe University.

Fun — Meet real friends in an authentic environment of friendship and care. We run camps, boat trips, hiking, hot pot nights and many fun activities.

Care — Be enriched. Our student care group is UniQUE. ‘Uni’ as a group to support young people at university / tertiary age. Q for Quality Time, U for Useful Skills and E for Essential knowledge from the Bible. We meet every Friday night on campus. Contact us to join a Care Group or Student Club.

Mentoring — We provide mentoring for university / college age young people by having working young adults mentoring students. Learn about Biblical principles and how mentoring will change your life.

English Language — Perhaps you have arrived from overseas and having a hard time to improve your spoken English? We have English class run by native speakers to help you!