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Practical Leadership - Leadings The World's Toughest Enterprise, The Local Church

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About this course

Practical Leadership Course
It is not a course on spiritual leadership but practical leadership principles and skills to lead teams in local church. It covers vision development, change management, principle based decision, conflict handling, coaching and more.

???? Who should attend?
Members course (not seeker course). If you have served or currently serving in leadership role for church, care group, home group or ministry.

???? Course Structure:
✅ 7 sessions (Sundays)
????  2 Video (30mins Each) and Lesson Guide/Reading (15mins) to be completed before session

Topics: Practical Leadership in Local Church
1️⃣ Vision Development
2️⃣ Change Management
3️⃣ Building Effective Teams
4️⃣ Lovingly Confronting
5️⃣ Principle-based Decision Making
6️⃣ Coaching
7️⃣ Key Ministry Indicators

???? The lessons are based off Nehemiah and there will be reading of parts of the Church Manual.

???? How to Join?
Enrolment is requiredd

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Course Structure

3 Lessons

Session 1 - Vision Development

There are three parts to this session

.. Nehemiah 1

.. Practical Skills : Personal Vision / Plan

.. Reading Church Manual

1 - Vision and Values (Nehemiah 1)

Biblical foundation for vision development. The three perquisites for vision.

Download Lesson Guide:

2 - Vision and Values (Practical Skills)

Difference between vision and mission. What is your core values? How to have a personal plan or vision?

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3 - Church Manual Reading

Please read chapter "Church of the Living God" pp.20-23

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